Explanations of Difficulty Ratings

Difficulty Explanation-Easy

Easy: Ideal for beginners who have taken a class, are comfortable with a sewing machine and have completed a few small projects. For more experienced sewers, these are patterns that are fast and simple to put together. Most have no collar, sleeves, or gathering required. Sewing basics are all the knowledge that is needed. In addition, help videos are available for the more complex steps in some of these patterns.

Difficulty Explanation-Moderate

Moderate: Great for beginners who have taken a few classes and/or have completed a few beginner projects. Many may have sleeves, collars and gathers.

Difficulty Explanaion-Moderate

Advanced: For confident sewers who are looking for a challenge to expand their sewing technique knowledge. Many of these patterns include ruffles, round yokes and more complex techniques.

Difficulty Explanation-Expert

Expert: For highly experienced sewers. These patterns are primarily heirloom style patterns and were first published 20 to 25 years ago. At that time, most sewers had grown up learning sewing from a family member or in a home-economics class. Therefore, these patterns assume a greater knowledge of and experience with sewing, so the instructions are not as detailed. Smocking or extensive handsewing is considered expert. When a pattern has a smocking view, and an unsmocked view, the rating refers to the construction difficulty, not including the smocking.