April Harper Mashup

How fun is it to take two patterns and create something new? The ruffles on the bodice of the April pattern are a delightful addition to the Harper bottom bubble. Put these two patterns together to create the charming look. Want some help with fabric choices, see our kit choices in our retail shop.


Children’s Corner April pattern
Children’s Corner Harper pattern
Follow fabric requirements for April 6mo – 24mo
Buttons (3/8”) – 3
Snaps or Buttons (3/8”) for crotch – 3
Elastic (1/4”) – 5/8 yard

Cutting Instructions

1. Add length to April front and back bodice pieces according to the chart below. This will achieve the correct “shoulder to crotch” measurement. 


2. You will not make any changes to the Harper bubble back and bubble front pattern pieces. 

3. Lengthen the April ruffle pattern piece by moving the “cut on fold” line over from the fold according to the chart used to lengthen the April bodice pieces.

Construction Instructions

1. Make the April by following the bodice instructions steps 14 – 23. In our sample we eliminated the sash, but is darling either way.

2. To complete the bubble, complete the Harper bubble instructions 15 – 29.


Instructions by
Susan Whitman and Cathy Jones

Download the printable pdf instructions here: 

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