Ruffle louise

Have you been invited to a special spring or summer event? Consider this fresh take on Louise. We will show you how to slightly scoop out the back and add a ruffle to the neck. This project is versatile in that you can make a flower girl dress in batiste or linen, or use your favorite floral Liberty lawn to give her a sundress she will love.


Children’s Corner Louise (sizes 1-5, 6-12) pattern
Fabric: pattern requirements plus 1/4” yard for ruffle and bias
Fabric Marking Pen
Tracing Paper


1. Trace front and back Louise bodice.

2. Trim 1/2” from front and back neckline on front and back bodices.
Louise Ruffle 1

3. From bottom cutting line, measure up back cutting line shown in table and mark. Draw in a U-shaped line from shoulder to mark on back cutting line made in step 3. Cut away excess.

Louise Ruffle 2

Louise Ruffle - Table 2
4. For the ruffle length, measure entire neckline (shoulder cutting line to center front and multiply by 2. Repeat with back. Add front and back.) Multiply Total neck edge by 2. Use table for width.
Louise Ruffle - Table 1

5. The bias neckband is 1 1/4” wide by the neck edge length calculated in step 4. 

6. Cut out project using cutting layout in pattern with ruffle cut across the width of fabric. You may need to adjust layout to fit ruffle and neck bias.


7. Hem one long side of ruffle with a rolled hemmer foot or small 1/8”.

8. Taper the two short ends cutting a curve, starting about 2" away from ends.

Louise Ruffle 3 
9. Stitch shoulder seams of dress front and back bodice. Stitch shoulder seams of dress lining front and back bodice. Press seams open.

10. Place bodice lining on bodice with right sides together and stitch back edges. Stitch armholes. Trim and clip seams. Turn to right side and press. Side seams will still be open. (Stitching armholes at this time, before attaching skirts, eliminates the crossover armhole method as shown in the pattern.)

11. On unfinished long edge of ruffle, stitch two lines of stitches. The first line is 1/8” from raw edge. The second gathering line is 3/8” from raw edge. 

 12. Pull up gathering threads so that ruffle fits neckline starting and stopping at center back line on each side. At the ends of the ruffles, add gathers to help the ruffle lay flat.

 13. Pin ruffle to right side of dress with raw edges together. (Let 1/4” of tapered end of ruffle extend past center back line.) Stitch ruffle to dress.

14. With right sides together, pin bias band to dress, on top of the ruffle, and extending 1/4” past back edges.

15. Stitch on band. Fold short ends in. Turn band over seam to wrong side. Turn under raw edges and whip at seam line.

 16. Finish dress according to pattern instructions. Remember armholes have already been stitched, so eliminate crossover armhole stitching instructions.


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